New Move, New Home…

Well we’re at it again…

The Anderson’s have moved! This time we pray things are a bit more permanent.

We drove from Florida to New Jersey in two days with our 5 month old daughter. It was a good trip (although long). I honestly despise packing, moving and unpacking. My mother told me never to say I hate something (or someone) because it is a strong word… But truth be told if packing, moving and unpacking, were a person… Well you get the point. 😉

Many of you know I moved to Florida about a year ago to complete an internship as a requirement for my Master’s degree. With that being over and degree in hand we continued to seek out a new Pastoral Position. This process has taken about 7 months (with me being unemployed for a couple those) but everything is in the Lord’s timing.

We have moved to New Jersey (strange words for a New Yorker). We are seeking to be the Lead Pastor of a recently new Church (planted a year ago) in the heart of Trenton. The parent church (Faith Baptist) is considering us as the couple. The plan as of now is to work with both churches (the Parent and the church plant – Mosaic) until we can be support by Mosaic.

To be honest this was a different road than I expected. I don’t mean that in a negative sense. I just didn’t envision a scenario like this one.

The truth is we are excited to be a part of it all. I absolutely admire the people at Faith Baptist HOWEVER I am INSPIRED more and more to work with the people at Mosaic. If you remember I am a city boy from NYC. I am no stranger to a fast paced, multi-ethnic  environment. With the opportunity to be back in a city impacting the lives of people for the Glory of God right in front of us, I am excited.

With that being said it is our prayer that we will be making NJ our home for a long time (Lord Willing). We want to be rooted here so we can really build this ministry up. (Plus I’m only an hour and a half from NYC… CAN’T BEAT THAT 🙂 )

I can’t wait to share with you all the tails that will unfold before us as we venture out on our next journey in life…


4 thoughts on “New Move, New Home…

  1. Back in the late 1970s Clarence Didden spoke at Grace Baptist Church in Lancaster where I was a member for four years while attending Lancaster Bible College. He was a beloved Bible conference speaker and for many years the pastor of Limerick Chapel (Limerick, PA). When he mentioned in the course of this sermon that he knew what the “abomination of desolation” was he had our attention. He said he and his wife had moved so many times during the years that he had no doubt that moving was the “abomination of desolation”! Perhaps you will agree with him! 🙂

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