SPAM strikes back

Well first I need to say I AM SORRY to everyone who reads and comments on this blog.

Apparently my spam folder had over 50 different comments that I never saw. LIKE EVER!!!!

I was just looking through the few comments I do get, thinking to myself, HMM guess not a lot of people are replying… THEN BOOM

I noticed all this SPAM. I decide to check it out and whoa… there are some legit comments in there. NOW there was some SPAM. There where even some entries that I wasn’t sure if they were SPAM or comments (those got deleted). However if you write a comment and I don’t respond by the next post SOMETHING IS WRONG. I must not have seen your comment.

I want to apologize again and hope I didn’t push anyone away by neglecting you comments. If you take the time to write them I will take the time to read and respond.

So let the comments FLY and I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

As for my SPAM folder I guess that was payback for all the times I have deleted and disrespected these folder in the past… Well played SPAM… Well played

Spam Folder



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