I never liked needles anyway…

Well if you haven’t noticed this month as been a bust for me… I will fill you in on what has been going on in a future blog BUT the story I am going to share couldn’t wait any longer…

Last week I needed to get some blood work done for an upcoming doctor’s visit. If you know me, you know I dislike HATE needles.. URG Anytime I have to get blood work done there is like a 10 min conversation I need to have with myself before I get out the car so I can maintain my dignity.

SO about a week ago I walk in for this testing that needs to get done. I know most of the ladies in the lab since I was there like every other week at the end of last year… However this one lady I have never seen before. Now I am a pretty friendly guy so we begin making small talk as she grabs her instruments of torture . She then cleans my arm with the cool alcohol pad and I know it’s about to go down… She grabs the tool design to inflict pain while stealing my blood. I muster up enough courage to continue my conversation as she dives in…

After the initial sting everything seems fine… I began thinking silly guy you can do this it’s just a needle THEN IT HAPPENS

I began to feel this slow stinging pain from my elbow all the way down to my hand. I say “UMM I have this stinging pain and I assume this isn’t normal”

Her reply… “Oh! Sorry I must have hit a tendon”
WHAT are you kidding me??

Well since that day I haven’t been able to extend my arm fully. I get stinging pain still and it has been getting worst. I have been to see my doctor and a neurologist. They had to perform an ultrasound on my arm as well as an NCV (Nerve conduction velocity) which evaluates the function of the nerves in one’s body. Basically they send small electric pulses throughout my arm to see if things are working right.  They found that my arm is extremely inflamed but the nerves seem to be working fine…

So the neurologist gave me some med’s to help reduced the inflammation and some that will help with pain. LET ME TELL YOU these med’s are taking me for a doozy…. The side effects seem to be worst than the original pain. I mean seriously when you read what “may happen” as a result of taking the medication it is a bit extreme and then when you feel some of the effects it’s a bit scary. Nonetheless I need to take them…

SO all this is to say I really don’t like HATE needles and not sure if I like people who use them (just kidding…lol) So this last week it has been a bit crazy but I pray this will all be over soon. I have to wait about 2-3 weeks for the med’s to be done and to see if I need anymore testing done….



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