Revelation from Ruth

Happy April Everyone,

Inspiration can come from all around and this time it came from Ruth… Not the book of Ruth as in the Bible but from my lovely wife(not uncommon). In fact she should really be writing this blog. Everything I will say in the quoted section following really flows from her this time and the truth is I needed it. Let me give you a little background as the last two weeks have been exceptionally long! This time I didn’t handle things so well. I was very tired, low on energy, and slightly   extremely discouraged.  In fact one day in particular I received some several bits of information that really made my day feel a lot longer than 24 hours.

So as I got home my wife saw that I just wasn’t quite myself. After several attempts to not really make a big deal about things we finally discussed the cloud looming over me… Here is what she said

You know Thomas, do you remember when we went to the beach this past weekend? (Yes). Remember how every time the water came onto the shore you ran away because you didn’t want to get wet (my face smirked… Yes) God never promised we wouldn’t get wet. He promised he would provide for  our needs, He promised that he would never forsake us, but He never promise that we wouldn’t experience the pressure. In fact the water may rise a bit high. It may get to your knees, to your waist, to your neck even… Is not God still capable of saving you? (Of course) Then we can’t be discouraged yet. God is still faithful and hasn’t failed us yet, and I don’t believe He will start now… (More said but that is the gist of it)


I will tell you what she was RIGHT! SO RIGHT…. I mean WOW… This is what I needed to hear exactly when I needed to hear it.

Often times when we find ourselves waiting on God to provide in any situation the days often seem longer than they have ever been. The truth is they are the same as they always have been. What has changed is we are learning the hard truth that we are dependent upon God, once again, to be our support and supplier of needs rather than our own strength and abilities.

As we stood in our kitchen and all this sunk in, I was like WOW… So humbled by the truth that, of course, God would provide. I felt like someone should have hit me in the forehead like a V8 commercial but if I would have said that to Ruth she would have done it :). Then I was honored because my wife just BLEW my socks off. The truth she just revealed to me and encouraged me with was amazing.

How high has the “water” been rising in your life? Are you able to trust God completely with everything?


2 thoughts on “Revelation from Ruth

  1. You obviously married the right lady, and you can know that your marriage was made in heaven! Your help-meet is a help-meet indeed! The only one who knows you better than your wife is the Lord, and the very differences between the two of you are what the Lord will use as part of your sanctification! This may go down as your best blog post yet! 🙂

    1. Pastor Jack, You are right about that I sure did marry the right lady… There are times I fail to keep that truth in front of me, BUT SHE only gets better and better!

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