The Journey is just beginning…

Many of you know (some of you don’t) that our move to Florida was a part of completing my Seminary degree.

I am doing my Internship which runs from August 2012 – May 2013. I will graduate this May. So the question that is coming up now is “So what’s next?” “Where are you guys going?” What will you all do once you’re done?”

Well before we moved to Florida I was the Lead Pastor of a Church in Pennsylvania. I mention that because it was there that God really confirmed to us that is exactly what we need to be doing. It was an important two years of my life. So our goal is to find another place in which we can demonstrate genuinely God’s love and mercy that he has shown us.

Here is the kicker…. 

Where we are going, what we will actually be doing, and what is actually next is still a BIG MYSTERY to us… BUT not to GOD. Therefore I am not really worried. I mean sure there are times were I am like “hmm It would but fun to know” but the truth is there is great comfort know that the Creator of the universe has my future planned out.
Here is what I am working on…

I am learning how to be more patient. defines patience as bearing pains or trials calmly or without complaint 

The truth is the way I want to look at having patience as a constant characteristic of mine. I want to be able to think clearly and trust that God will be faithful rather than panic every time something happen just to hit myself in the head later as if I should have had a V8.

Psalms 40:1 
I waited patiently for the LORD;
he inclined to me and heard my cry.

I have a firm belief that God will answer my prayers when He is ready… No reason to freak out or panic. I mean sure I can act that way BUT what will I gain in the process. Transition seems to be a part of life that people seem to not want to deal with. Change is inevitable yet we resist and fight it daily…

This in no way means that I am not doing my part and making sure we are ready for any transition that comes along. That would be unfaithful on our part.

SO overall I am saying… The only way I can answer the question that even we can ourselves sometimes ask is with a simple… Only God knows… I am doing what I can to prepare my family for tomorrow BUT ultimately He is in control. I do know this… When he moves us it will be the best move we could have possibly made 😉

How do you typically deal with waiting? What are you learning/working on while you are waiting?


2 thoughts on “The Journey is just beginning…

  1. Bob Brink

    Pastor, I remember having such fear when I started to introduce some contemporary music at FBFC. I’m sorry that you had to take the brunt of the complaints but I thank the Lord that you continued to encourage me. I know that God is going to use you in a mighty and powerful way. I was blessed to have you as my Pastor and I’m thankful you always pushed me and challenged our congregation. Praying for you, Ruth and Carmen. Love ya’s. Bob Brink
    Proverbs 3:5-6.

    1. Bob this means SO much to me! I have always seen believed in the God in you and it was an honor to serve as your Pastor. I am blessed to have watch you grow in the Lord and be excited in serving as Worship Director. Continue to be sensitive to the Spirit of God and he will direct your path! Love you brother! God bless!

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