Carmen is growing…..

I remember hearing people say that when you have kids the time FLIES!!!! Well I believe that time literally grows wings and takes off because I can’t tell you where it has gone…

This Saturday my little Carmen will be two months old. WOW! I still remember taking her home. Now she is growing so well and so FAST!!! Well I thank God for all the time I get with her and how I get to watch her grow. She is a true blessing to us.

At home we have one of those boppy pillows and she used to LOVE it… BUT now she is getting too big for it. Her head control is so good that she doesn’t want to roll on that silly soft thing.. she wants to sit up and be supported… SO we began the search for some kind of seat thingy (bumbo seat). These are all the signs that she is growing up. I am happy for her. Growing up means she is doing what God intended her to do, live her life.


I love when people try to give you the “wait and see what’s next” I want to yell SPOILER ALERT… DON’T TELL ME… LOL… I am enjoying every stage of my young daughter and young families life and her growing up is a part of that stage whether I want it to be or not. I thank God for it! 🙂 *STEPPING DOWN*

Finally for your viewing pleasure here is a picture of Carmen when she was first put into that seat thing… She wasn’t quite sure what was going on…. Her face is priceless….



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