My Philosophy on Changing Diapers

Happy March, a little late I know, but better late than never, do people still say that?

Either way I pray that you are enjoying the month that will bring you SPRING!!!! Now it may not feel like Spring yet depending on where you live but rest assure one day it will :).

Just as it may be hard for those up north to believe Spring is around the corner it is hard for me to grasp that my daughter is 6 weeks old. I mean I can still remember bringing her home which feels like yesterday in a very good way!!

Last week or so my wife recorded a video of her rolling over and I wanted NO part of it. I didn’t want to face the reality of my daughter doing things that “big” girls do. I told her to stay this small baby for just a bit longer… Oh the troubles of a parent, bad enough I’m a first time dad!

I remember a time before Carmen was born I had made a statement about Ruth and I being a team and we will tackle this child raising responsibility together. Someone made the comment (Just wait till the first dirty diaper)… and everyone had a big laugh… well everyone expect my wife and I.

Well I must say we have come through our fair share of diapers all of them dirty 🙂 and we have made it through Praise the Lord  however I have developed a way of thinking that has really helped me along the journey…

First, let me say that every time there is a diaper I am not RUNNING to changer my daughter, or I am not some nut who just is in LOVE with the idea of it all… I mean I will spare you the details but if you have had kids then you know THEY ARE DIRTY DIAPERS for a reasons… and if you haven’t had kids or changed one I’m sure you can still figure it out 😉

However every time I pick Carmen up to go change her I think to myself this is Daddy/Daughter time. This is time you and I have together. I want to make the most of it. Sometimes we sing songs. Sometimes we play a little game she loves when I play “rub the baby”.  There are even times I have Momma come in just to be with us as a family. I realized that the moments in which people “dread” don’t always have to be bad. We can really make the best of things. So now every time Carmen has a dirty diaper I look forward to the priceless time I will get with her…

Here is the reality… At some point she wont need me in this way any more. Yes she will always be my daughter and need me to some degree but not like this. I don’t want to “dread” any of these moments because before I know it they will be gone. Instead of learning this lesson later I pray I can learn this now. I am not always great at this but I am trying to practice this everyday…

To be honest I am trying to implement this in everything I do with my family. I am learning to take each moment and make it count.

What moments are you making the most of?

As always I’d love to hear from you, feel from to let me know what you thought or even share the blog if you like 🙂 and once again thanks for reading!


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