The other side…

Now usually every month I write a happy beginning of the month blog BUT it didn’t happen this month… sorry…

So this month I am writing a see you later blog…

I figured I could make up for it this way. You know how that goes. You miss out one something and so you try to make up for it. Sometimes we miss something and then next then you know time flies and more often than not we aren’t doing what we used to.

I was doing some heavy reflecting this month and I realized that it had been YEARS since I celebrated Black History Month. When I say years I mean almost 10. That’s a decade. Since I have been in an environment that Black History month was celebrated or where I participated in any kind of events.

The crazy thing is I remember the first several years I made a big deal about this. I was very unhappy that my new cultural environments didn’t seem to embrace what had been so important to me for… well forever. Now almost ten years later I have missed saying hello to the month and toward the end I have caught up to it…

I feel terrible. I feel horrible. To be honest I feel worst than that. There are several books I am reading that have kept me connected to issues than many people who just celebrate the month and the disappear for the rest of the year but nonetheless I let my environment or my lack of cultural support dictate my commitment to what I believe in and I didn’t even realize it.

How many times have we done that in life… Started with passion and then over time let life suck it out of you and eventually you end up on the other side of it all… You may know all the fact, you many have all the connects but you lack the passion and support. You no longer are concerned with the overall well-being for the cause…

Well here is to being on the other side! My time here has allow for great perspective on a very challenging issue and on that is close to my heart. Truth be told I think for me and my passion to be renewed I needed a trip on this side of town now I am ready to return understanding what I need to do…

What do you need to do in order to recapture you passion,

in order to reclaim your fire, in order to return from the other side and live life fuller?


2 thoughts on “The other side…

  1. McGinniss, Joy

    My son,

    You know how I feel…it’s a shame we have to have a “Black History” month or a “Women’s History” month just to learn about individuals who contributed to the American society, as if the other ten months of the year are all about white men (oh wait, maybe they are…). Why do we not have an “Asian History” month or a “Latino History” month, etc.

    Some of this came out of the ‘60s because prior to that time period, history was told through what happened to white men for the most part. Then the universities started offering “Black Studies, Women’s Studies, Asian Studies,” etc. programs. So, I think these months are helpful if they open the eyes of those who need to see. My concern is that white people will look at “Black History” month as only being for black people, or men don’t really care about the women who have helped make this country what it is. (How many women’s bios have you read, Thomas? About black women or those of any other color?)

    My point is that these months are not wrong if they educate, if they teach us about the wonderful people of the world. (I’m right now re-reading my third novel in a row by one of my favorite authors, Chaim Potok, who wrote about the Jews of Brooklyn. Have you ever read about the Jewish people (outside of the scriptures?) and all they have endured? Or the people of China? Or the women in Afghanistan and Iran and Iraq and Pakistan or Bosnia that are suffering under the oppressed governments (even though they were all very cultured societies at one time).

    Have you read (or seen the film) Les Miserables? Have you read Dickens? Or Tolstoy? Life is full of interesting stories of people of all colors, all cultures, who have suffered, who have done incredible things. You are young…keep learning about this incredible world God has put us in.

    (End of lecture)

    Love you,
    Mama J.

    1. Mama J,

      Love you: I really appreciate your thoughts as always.

      There actually is a National Hispanic Month and a Asian Pacific heritage month which they may have just remained “Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month” and I personally have read about Black Women in which I find extremely fascinating but I know that is not the norm. I do agree with you however that sometimes the celebration of cultures or groups in such a way as these can bring about resentment from other. I remember being in undergrad and someone from a different race saying “urg it’s that month (referring to black history month) you know they are happy, can’t wait to this is all over” I was standing right out the room and walked and said do you have a problem with celebrating this month. Their response was well yes, we don’t celebrate white people day or month. I get it you suffered, but you aren’t any more move on. Now although I disagree with how he said this I understood exactly what he meant and I understand what you mean. Some people are turned off by such things thing well since I don’t fall into the category then it isn’t for me. However that means the culture or group needs to do a better job of teach everyone that this celebration is a time of teaching and learning about ones heritage and contribution to society which may not be known.
      This is a tough issue one that will not solve until the Lord Return but you know my heart on all that. 

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