Breathe…. It’s ok!

You ever have one of those moments where you feel like people are comparing you to someone else?


What about those times where you feel like people value the work someone did over the work you do?

Ever feel less valuable than another?

Just me huh? I have been having one of the weeks or should I say a few weeks. I just felt in a slump of sorts. However I had an amazing conversation with a wise man who reminded me that in God’s eyes He values all of His children at a 10. There are things I can do that others can’t and things others can do that I can’t and that is OK. (and then I took a DEEP BREATH)

I needed to realize that while it was ok to experience the feelings I had it wasn’t going to be ok if I let them overtake me. Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever been so overwhelmed by a feeling or issue that is has over taken you? I really needed to remember that God has a very special reason for what He does and he equips us for accomplishing this task.

So when these moments arise or these people who weren’t particularly helpful in the first place return I can be more confident the next time around know that my heavenly Father is pleased (as long as I am being faithful to HIM) with me and who I am therefore I should be happy with who I am!!!


What about you? How do you remind yourself to be happy with how God made you? Remember you are wonderfully made 🙂

Psalm 139


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