Things People Say (pt 2)

As promised we move on the the next installment of our series. This one is probably the most intriguing to me for a number or reasons.

A beauty young lady is excited as she just found she was having a baby girl

[Female] ooh congratulations. Is this your first child?

[Young Mother] Yes it is!

[Female] How far along are you now?

[Young Mother] I am about 23 weeks now.

[Female] Oh ok, Just wait to you get further along and bigger, you’re going to get so fat… 🙂


I will never claim to figure out women 🙂 but I do know that there are things you shouldn’t say that any person especially women at certain time about certain things :).

This blog will feature things that have been said to us during our pregnancy (which is still on going as we are 39 weeks). Now I know some people were trying to be helpful and I completely understand that. However I honestly wonder if we think before we speak BUT I will let you see if I am being to harsh….

Now I must say many of the quotes I am going to write to you we look back on and laugh about. They weren’t funny at the time but are quite funny now.  Honestly I don’t know what people were thinking when they said them but out of their mouth these words fell. Majority of the people were women. In fact I’d say about 70%. This surprised me at one level because for the people who were pregnant before and had kids I couldn’t imagine these words feeling good to them if said so why would they repeat that to a new mom.

You’re getting fat
Are you having twins, (After we told people we are only having one child), you sure you’re really big
How are you feeling? (Good) You sure? (Yes) I was miserable at this point give it some time…
Your hair is so nice that will go away once you stop taking prenatal vitamins (um she had nice hair before 🙂 ).
Looks like you put on a few pounds
You’re getting fat (someone actually yelled that out)
How far along are you? (seems like a harmless question but when we were under 36 weeks we would hear horrible stories about how someone’s child, grandchild, neighborhood friend or whoever was born at that time. Side note any baby born before full-term has a higher risk of not surviving.

Now maybe this doesn’t really sound that bad but let me tell you for new parent’s hearing this stuff over and over (and remember this is just a snap shot) it is like WOW… REALLY.  Most comments are encouraging or supportive just this. It is almost like people are saying this was a miserable time in their lives.

For my wife and I we decided to make this the best time it could be… Sure there are some challenges.. Many in fact. But that doesn’t mean we couldn’t enjoy the journey. I mean think about it at the end of it all we would have a child! Isn’t it worth it? We had to keep out eye on the prize so it speak. Carmen is due to come any day now and we can’t wait… BUT timing isn’t the most important fact. The most important fact is that she comes! That we can wait for.

As for the comments about her weight and things we look back now and laugh… Can’t believe people say things like that but they make for great stories… They don’t realize that my wife worked out like crazy before she was pregnant and will resume after Carmen’s born… But that’s a conversation for the next post HA!!

Thanks for reading once again.. If you like what you see keep peeking around, feel free to share a thought, or even subscribe! Hope to hear from you soon!


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