Things people say (pt 1)

A beautiful young lady begins dress shopping for her wedding gown and the lady helping her begins what seems like a pleasant  conversation…

[Sale Assistant] So are you excited to get married?

[Female ] Absolutely!!!! He is the perfect guy! I can’t believe half the stuff he does for me!

[Sale Assistant] Oh don’t worry that will all stop once you get married.

[Female] … Oh … Well, he really loves me, I wouldn’t think that will change

[Sale Assistant] Weddings are so wonderful. But You’ll fall out of love one day.


As promised we will be jumping into a mini series featuring some interesting things that have been said to my wife and I over the years.

We will start with our Marriage! This segment will cover comments people have made to us when we were engaged and newly married. Now here is an interesting fact we still get some of these comments from couples who have been married or in longer relationships or from people who are just much older from us.

Now I wish I could say this is something that I was just writing to be funny. However these are actual things that have been said to us before. In fact if you don’t mind I will give you a little peek into a few other sayings that have been mentioned to us from the moment we told people we were getting married till now even…

You’ll regret getting married young
Men don’t listen
You could always get a divorce
It’s just your first marriage
He won’t do that for long (that’s the response when my wife tells people that I do most of the cooking and laundry)
Romance will not continue
Can’t you just live together instead of getting married
Don’t have a joint bank account

Now my wife and I had to go through a major transition period (several) and we Thank God as we are no perfect couple. However it is very interesting how people would make these comments to us instead of giving us tips on how to avoid the pit-falls of bad relationships.

There are still times when people will ask us a question about how we do something (I can remember back to our baby shower) and I mentioned well we really take a team approach to everything and boy someone wasn’t happy with that answer. I mean they just wanted to believe that I was going to leave my wife high and dry… well because I guess that’s what men do… FALSE

The truth is we will not be defined by what others say. That is something we whole heartily believe. I hope you don’t find yourself easily moved by the words of others. It’s a hard thing to do. To be honest how people perceive us becomes our reality.

So we are learning to love people right where they are even they express those disturbing statements that seem to do more reflecting from their life rather than projecting from ours.

Happy New Year FOLKS!!!! Let’s kick this year off with a BANG!!!!! I pray that this year you laugh more and love more!


One thought on “Things people say (pt 1)

  1. fay

    I am very proud to read this. Unfortunately many people are cynics and cannot fathom that real love can exist especially in young people. Stay the course. I know the two of you will last because you were friends first and God has always been the center of your relationship.

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