Things People say (Intro)

Two people sit to have lunch or maybe brunch or was it coffee doesn’t matter… two people sit and talk

As they talk, they catch up on life

[Female 1] So are you excited to get married?

[Female 2] Absolutely!!!! He is the perfect guy! I can’t believe half the stuff he does for me!

[Female 1] Oh don’t worry that will all stop once you get married.

It is at that moment that Female 2 tries so hard not to make this face of fear mixed with shock while holding back tears.

Sounds crazy right. Insane even, well this is a true story with names and details left out. Here is a hint though, this is what was said to my wife before we got married.  In fact the next few blog’s will be entitled “things people say” as a result of a series of conversations my wife and I had.

We noticed that some people were pretty negative as we shared with them certain details of our relationship. Now let me clarify what I mean by what kinds of details we would share. Like a child with a shiny new toy my wife and I are always willing to talk about one another and how excited we are about what the other brings to the relationship. So I would talk about her creativity or she would talk about how I love to cook.

Well we noticed that this was a habit of ours since we were engaged. Sometimes the response was well accepted and other times it wasn’t. As a result we have complied a short list of a few of our “favorite” sayings that have been said to us and I look forward to sharing that with you.

Now I am in no way saying that we are better than anyone because I am posting this blog or because my wife and I enjoy talking about each other. The reason for these blog’s are because we were really shocked how cynical people seem to be when it come to the excited we expressed concerning whatever topic being discussed.

It is like you saying I think I really want to own a home, to a person you really trust and that person says, good luck with that, it won’t bring you any joy in the long run…

I don’t think that is what you want to hear…. So some of what we have heard is funny, some really hurt and others were just odd but all have helped strengthen our family along our journey. We are fulfilled and happy and pray you are/can be as well.

Here is how we will progress through each phase (for each phase reflects a stage in our life):

Raising Children

So throughout this mini series please feel free to share any crazy things you have ever heard someone said to you and how it made you feel. Most of time we all say things without thinking how it may make someone feel or how they will react. I pray that through each one of these blogs we can be encouraged to use our words just a bit more wisely and whatever stage of life you are in you can find excitement and joy!!!


I'd love to read your thoughts

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