Merry Christmas

As the evening comes to an end, I sit back in my chair, laptop on my lap and the reflection of the Christmas lights fill the room as they blink to various songs that play…

I am left to reflect on my wonderful day filled with laughter and powerful moments that are now memories.

Christmas isn’t just about feeding our faces. It is a time in which we reflect on the birth of Jesus (yes we know he WASN’T actually BORN on this day). The reality is we should be reflecting on this truth everyday. Today we should be celebrating in a more grand way. Many of us take the opportunity to connect with family or loves ones that we miss throughout the year.

I pray that you took time out to tell someone you loved them, to show someone what that love meant, and how deep that love goes, because that is the meaning of Christmas….

How do you enjoy this special day? What are some traditions you and your love ones enjoy?

Merry Christmas from the Anderson family!!!!! 🙂


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