CRAZY dreams!!

Have you ever had one of those really crazy dreams that when you woke up you just thought they were real?

That is exactly what happen to me today as I was enjoying my day off nap. This is the nap I tend to take, on my day off of course, making up for any sleep I didn’t get during the week.

Now for the dream….

It was about my daughters first moments being born

I remember the doctor holding Carmen and saying she’s all your’s mom, and handing her to my wife… I grab the camera and turned into the paparazzi. I snapped picture after picture of this cute little beauty laying on her mother. I captured her mother who was a in state of shock but still beautiful herself.

I remembered fast forwarding and having Carmen in my arms as I slowly paced around the hospital  room. It was so unreal. My wife fast sleep in her bed as I had sung to both of them in order to keep them both from crying (can’t quite remember why though 🙂 ).

It was so real and awesome. I couldn’t see her face, and couldn’t smell her (smell is a HUGE identifier for me, my wife as a very distinct smell, and I LOVE IT 🙂 ) but so many other things were real. Our doctor was there, the hospital was the one we will give birth at, but the mystery of who my little girl will be is still there and you know what…. I am perfectly ok with that.

What kind of crazy dreams would you like to share?


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