Having the right Values…

I know it has been a while since I updated you on what I have been reading but I want to really get back in the habit of keeping you posted on my reading… SO Let’s jump right back in it..

I haven’t forgotten about the other books I am reading, however a few extra have been added to my collection since the last post on this subject.

Currently I am reading Tommy Nelson’s book 12 essentials of Godly Success and it is quite and interesting read.

The last chapter I finished was on values! It really got me thinking about the values I have in life. How does one measure what they value? What would you say is truly important to you?

In life, both good and evil actions often don’t have immediate results. So you can live for years and years, looking for human acclaim and immediate gratification, and it can seem like it’s working. You can fulfill your physical and lustful desires without any immediate negative results. There may not be any signs that you are headed down a path that leads to emptiness. That’s why values are the most important thing about you. Values are even more important than intelligence, gifts, abilities, and hard work because you can have all those assets and still succeed at the wrong things. If you aim your gun at the ground, you don’t have a chance of hitting a duck. Without the right values, you are predetermined to fail at what really matters. 

Tommy Nelson – 12 essentials of Godly Success

Now I know that was a bit much there BUT I think it was absolutely worth it. Nelson stresses the importance of of values in the above quote over every other quality one could desire. To be honest that isn’t something that is typically sought after today. Most people (including myself) seems to tangible qualities and I am not suggesting that those are inerrant wrong or unhelpful.  But what I believe Nelson is getting at is the direction one is headed is determined by the values that person lives by.

Here are two questions that Nelson had at the end of the chapter and I found them very interesting

1. If you could write a one-sentence obituary for your life, what would you want it to say? why?

2? Do you believe that “values are even more important than intelligence, gifts abilities, and hard work”? Why or Why not?

I would love to hear your thoughts on either question or on anything that runs across your mind related to values.


I'd love to read your thoughts

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