Fingers ON FIRE!!!!!

There is a saying give HONOR where HONOR is DUE!!!

That is what I want to do here. I don’t always get around to doing a lot of reading but there are a few blog I try to make a habit of reading. There are certain people I just have to get around to checking out for one reason or another.

If you get the time CHECK THIS BLOG OUT

blog pic



In fact I even know this person… Her name…

Michelle Weston.





I am GREAT friends with her and husband Mike and their two kids Annaleigh and John David (JD as we call him).


blog pic 2

We have had the wonderful opportunity over the last three years to really get to know them. In fact we even lived down the street from them. NOW I have mentioned them a LONG time ago BUT I don’t believe I have mentioned her blog… I really wanted to highlight this because I  enjoy reading her writing. She is truly transparent which as you know I try to be as well so I admire that.

This is my little way of saying HAT’s off to you Michelle and great job. May  God continue to bless you and your family. Your words and truly inspirational to many people and KEEP talking and writing. We will keep listening and reading with open ears and open eyes!

Your friends and family,

The Anderson’s!



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