Old Song, New Meaning

I hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving!!! I REALLY hope that you did more than just eat but in fact, I hope you took this time to be thankful for the life that you have!!!

This morning my wife woke up and reminded of a very wonderful fact… My birthday is just around the corner…

If you know me this is not a day I typically celebrate. It is not that I am not excited about life, on the contrary I LOVE my life.

However when I was younger I can remember my parents trying to throw me a birthday party or do something special for me, and I would always get sick. I mean really sick. Not like a little cold but flat-out sick. So over time it build up in my head to avoid this day and any thoughts of it. I never saw this time as anything to be celebrated because I am always sick. In fact I always think I am sick even if I may not have actually been sick. (This goes a bit deeper, SO this is just s short synopsis)

However this morning she reminded me that just because something wasn’t so pleasant in the past doesn’t mean it needs to remain that way in the here and now, and most certainly for the future. She also told me that if it was still my wish to keep a low profile on my birthday then that is ok. That our family will learn that not everyone is the same when if comes to a variety of things and this is a great way to help then learn that.


I can’t describe all the anxiety I used to feel on this day and what I tried to do just to mask that feeling… BUT I can tell you how freeing it was to hear her words this morning… WOW…

Have you ever had a negative thoughts about something because of past experiences? Have you every experienced difficulty in moving forward because a part of your past held you back? Try overcoming the obstacle with taking it on with a brand new perspective, facing the problem with a positive outcome. God’s strength does a lot more for us that we realize.


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