New Adventures


YIKES!!! Once again it has been a while… for that I am truly sorry! several things have taken place but I assure you they are ALL WONDERFUL!!!!! I will just fill you in on a few…

1st – Life in Florida is coming along quite well. I honestly keep forgetting what time of year it is because of how different the weather is in comparison to what I am used to. Nonetheless I am truly enjoying my time here.

2nd – Carmen (my daughter) is growing and growing and will be here in less than 56 days! This probably brings me the most excitement out of everything! It has been a wonderful journey thus far. This past week we were showered with gifts from loving people (at our baby shower) and have her room about 80% complete.

3rd – I will be getting certified in Scuba Diving! My lessons start next week in fact! So you can expect to see some updates so I experience that. I am very excited (although I think my wife is more excited for me then I am) because this is a very new thing for me but I completely enjoyed myself when snorkeled on my cruise in August.

That has been my life in a flash… Anything note worthy in your world? I always love hearing from you, feel free to contact me and let me know!



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