ONCE again I am slightly late but I am sure you are used to that which mean I am right on time :).

I am sure you are enjoying this beautiful fall weather you are having where ever you are. We are experiencing a new type of season called Florida. Yes this state has its own season (to me at least). I forget it is even November. The other day I went out to so laundry and I walked outside in shorts with a T-shirt and I made a comment about how bright it was. I FORGOT IT WAS NOVEMBER…. WOW… ANYWOOO I am loving every moment of this. Don’t get me wrong I love my snow and bundling up kind of nights… BUT um this isn’t bad either 😉


On another note.. Today is election day!!! I don’t usually get political.. In fact I never get political. BUT today I will for just a sec.. PLEASE VOTE!!!! We live in a land where we have the freedom to vote, and for many of us there was a time where we did not have the privilege.  HOWEVER…. Please do not become unruly, rude or beside yourself because you have the freedom to speak your mind… Just because you can exercise various rights doesn’t mean you should take liberty of them in the worst way possible.

What pains me most is Christians who claim to love God and the exercise ungodly rights and privileges in the name of American Liberty.  Bottom line where do your loyalty as a person stand to your political party or to your fellow-man? you choose?


I'd love to read your thoughts

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