Power of words…

I believe I have written on a topic with a similar feel before and you can be sure I will write on this topic many times again.

What we say can have terrible consequences or wonderful rewards. The truth is many times we don’t realize the power our words have over other people, and we certain don’t fully understand the power they have over us.

When our emotions are stirred, or our hearts are in despair, when our lives seem to be floating on the clouds themselves or if we are just content with everyday life our words flow out of that.

Those words transform us and others. Unless we are intentionally crafting our words to shape the outcome of what we desire then the result is an unexpected one.

Remember this saying

Sticks and Stone will break my bone, but words will never hurt me

Have you ever found that to be entirely true? Maybe you have? However my experience has been that words can be devastating  if not properly controlled. Just because we think we say something funny or nice, doesn’t mean it was received that way, and guess what, that is our problem. We have damaged someone with our words.

How do you use your words, to build or to destroy?


I'd love to read your thoughts

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