Hey there,

SORRY for the LONG time away again… there have been SEVERAL crazy events that have taken place. My next blog will inform you about that.

This blog is light-hearted and funny, for me at least.

Have you ever had a really awkward moment? One in which you were in public and involved other people? If so then you may know how this person felt…

One day not long ago I go shopping in our grocery store here in Florida. After I do my shopping, like other people I head toward the check-out line, and that is where it goes down. I am STOPPED!!! Someone comes up to me and says HEY, how have you been!?

I began to think to myself, OH crud, I have no clue who this person is. I probably met them and now I forgot.

So I say “I am doing great, How are you?”

Then for the next 15min they continued to tell me about their life and I had no clue as to who they were talking about… and then they called me a name, some name, a name I have never been referred to before because it was not mine. That’s when I got it. They thought I was someone else. I felt so bad for them. But I didn’t want to embarrass them now. I was going to let them go on thinking they met a wonderful old friend. Then in mid conversation another walks up and says

HEY, who’s your friend

The person says, this is (whoever they thought I was) I you remember

The other person goes… UMMM NO that is NOT them, no offense man, WRONG BLACK GUY…

THEN silence hits the entire store… or so it seems.

The person who once embraced me as a dear friend, looked at me with utter confusion and shock. Now mortified, they bowed their head mumbled an apology and scurried away. Their friend looked at me, smiled and said awkward huh… and walked right behind them…

Have an awkward story you’d like to share? I’d Love to listen… Hear from you soon!


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