In a blink of an eye

When I was younger I used to hear people say something was going to happen in a blink of an eye, or that something had occurred in a blink of an eye. I remember being clueless as to what they meant. Then I realized they were referring to the speed at which something took place. A metaphor if you will. Something must have happened really fast that it could be compared to how fast we blink.

Now maybe this wasn’t mind-blowing to you but I was a little guy and boy did that clear a few things up.

Well something happened to me that fast. In fact usually when this occurs it happens quite this fast. Inspiration. Have you ever been inspired? I was listen to a radio program and hearing the hosts talk about a particular problem. They had read a distressing letter from a listener and now all of them were giving their advice.

As I was listening I noticed how much I disagreed with the initial premise of their advice. What they said wasn’t inherently evil or wrong even, but their initial starting point to me, was way off. THEN IT HAPPENED!!!! The wheels slowly turn, the sparks fly, and light bulb goes off and I have an idea, and I have motivation, I have passion renewed, I AM INSPIRED!!!!

Inspiration for me can occur in several different ways. I am a music lover. So often times when I hear “good” music I tend to feel pretty creative myself.

What inspires you? What do you do with that spark? Living an inspired life leads one to enjoy what they do. A person who is constantly feeding that inspiration becomes excited and passionate. Fulfillment on the journey requires passion can be renewed time and time again by a little fire known as inspiration.

Have you been inspired today?


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