Sailing Away Pt. 3

During the last night of my Cruise many thoughts and emotions happened to surface. I was having a wonderful time. I was feeling relaxed and refreshed in a way that I hadn’t in a really long time.


I was going to have to go back to “real life”!!!!

The endless options for food, and the constant moving across water along with anything and everything else I had experienced over the last 3 days was ending. However I found comfort knowing that just because I was going back to my “normal” routine I wouldn’t have to lose the refreshment that was found. I began to ask myself why couldn’t I be this relaxed everyday.

Now I know while reading that question you can begin to give countless reason as to why a person my experience any level of stress and I would agree with you. Nonetheless what I am referring to is understanding that everyday I need to get back to a central place. When I end my day I need to be relaxed and refreshed. Personally I love to start each day like that as well…

So let me ask you, How do you get to that place? When you are stressed, or just had a “normal” and long day how do you regain your peace?

This is something that I am continuing to work through and answer. I am simply trying to keep control of the life God has given me, rather than allow issues and circumstances dictate my moods.

As my Cruise came to and end I realized that what made me feel refreshed was the intentional mood of the cruise. By that I mean the cruise was meant to relax a person. Well all that means for me is that I need to be intentional about enjoying each and find the time to relax so I can be refreshed.

Each day is meant to be enjoyed, what are you doing to fully take advantage of that and then share it with someone else?



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