Sailing Away Pt. 2

My second day at sea was completely amazing. I enjoyed the beauty of the Bahamas and the simply yet stunning beauty of the ocean.

In fact it is with the ocean that my second intimate moment took place. It was about 11:30pm. Ruth had gone to bed and I had gone for a walk not being able to sleep. I was standing on the side of the ship looking at into the ocean. IT WAS DARK!!!! I mean you couldn’t see anything. No sign of life and trace of light. It was incredible. I looked up at the sky, which was filled with stars. It is really mind-blowing that although I couldn’t see anything I know there was life out there. That the ocean was just filled with living creatures.

Such beauty. As the ship moved through the water with ease, as people partied without a single worry, life was moving all around us. I began to think of how absent I was very noticing the life that was taking place around me. (not the ocean). Back home, all around me life is taking place but somehow I only focus on where I am headed. I only look at where my destination is and assume that because I can’t see others (their problems, issues, hurts, etc) then they must not exists. How wrong was I?

On my second night I found that the darkness was a great place to think and reflect. I find myself wanting to be more conscious about people around me. Now I don’t want you to think that I have floated through life oblivious to anyone hurting around me… because that is simply not the case. Rather my point is that often times I easily float through life with the out of sight, out of mind philosophy. My prayer now is that I may be more intentional on the needs of people and I pray I may be more mindful of their plight’s.


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