Sailing Away Pt 1.


Well Hello!!!!!

If you didn’t know by now, earlier this week my wife and I went on a cruise to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. We went to several islands in the Bahamas.

It was a wonderful and amazing experience. In fact I am writing this (previously written) blog from the trip.

So I will record the next few blogs from the ship(Norwegian Sky) and recount the events that truly impacted me. Unfortunately due to being in the middle of the ocean most of the time you won’t read this till I have returned safely to my home in Florida.

Official Blog

As we sailed away my mind was completely blown away. This is my first time on a cruise and it is amazing. Food anytime I want, I can’t ask for more. The best part was my wife and I had plenty of time to reconnect. Throughout life if you stop trying to improve then you are slowly getting worst. What I am referring to is how I treated my marriage. (Transparency time 🙂 )

I love my wife. But in all honesty I was very comfortable loving myself. As long as I was happy then things were good. Now if you know me I am all about putting your wife first but I realized in my marriage I was doing more talking than actually living it out.

Now if you ask my wife she wouldn’t admit to any of this. In fact throughout our conversations she continued to reaffirm her love for me. (My wife is being filled everyday with the love and grace of God)

So as we sat for dinner I began to share my fears and faults. Some she knew, some she didn’t. I also took the time to share why she meant so much to me. It was incredible to see our hearts open.

It was during this first day, as the ship set sail and headed to its destination that I decided to follow suit. I know where I wanted to go but like the ship, I had a lot of space to travel through. It was like a breath of fresh air to reconnect with my wife.

The next few days I will take the time to really think through some of the most important area’s of my life and tonight started with my marriage. I remember hearing a preacher saying once “if you know better, you do better” and it is about time I start doing better.


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