Did I mention I was moving?


So in my last post I mentioned a few new challenges we were facing and how we were going to continue being excited for our new home regardless of the setbacks…

WELL today we got even more news 🙂

This morning as we went to unpack the final set of boxes and get even closer to settling in when… (wait for it) our plumbing went CRAZY!!!! Both the tub and toilet wouldn’t drain. At the same time the maintenance dept determined that our stove needed to be replaced (we haven’t been able to cook since we got here, that was Tuesday.)

SO, I filled out several repair request forms and continued with our settling in. When we decided to go grab lunch I wanted to pop into the front office of the complex and make sure my forms had been seen. Upon doing so I was told that the issues in our house were more than expected and the best idea would be to ….. (wait for it)… MOVE!!!!

Did I mention I was moving to Florida?

I moved already? I moved in on Tuesday… Didn’t I?

Now I had (the option) to move again…

Well initially I wasn’t happy. The amount of work put into cleaning the place (even hired someone to come deep clean a few rooms) was exhausting just to think about. Now I was being told that the best option was to do it all over again. Not to mention we were almost completely unpacked…

I knew I couldn’t just tell this to my pregnant and over-worked wife. I knew I needed to gently guide her along this road. SO I took her around the corner (as she repeatedly asked, where we were going) to the new housing unit. As we walked in she guess it…

We have to move!!!!

She says…  I then fill her in. We then looked around what could be our new home… and you know what.. it isn’t that bad.

In fact it is quite nice, and once we compare it to what we have just been through with the other place, it was GREAT!!!!

OK long story short… WE MOVED AGAIN!!!!

This time in a day.. or rather in 4 hours.

I thank God for great friends (THE ORTMAN’S) who came and helped us, and Carolyn who has now cleaned 4 rooms in 2 days… And I don’t mean wipe down with a rag. She came with equipment, and cleaners and a whole arsenal of cleaning ammunition. (She used to work in a professional cleaning business).

So I now sit at my new desk, in my new home, praying that I won’t have to move again in Florida and rejoicing because despite the work, and the heat we have enjoyed the day. I am still thrilled to be here and it’s moments like these that I am leaning on God and His call on my life.

If He hasn’t led me here and called me to this then I may as well keep all my things in a box and just move again tomorrow… Because it just won’t work



2 thoughts on “Did I mention I was moving?

  1. Tatsuko

    I love that you are staying positive. That’s what I’m trying to do with this car lol. So whenever I feel down about it I will read this post over and over lol.

    1. The best place for a person to be in right where God wants them. When you understand that God is directing your steps the frustrations of life are put into the proper perspective. They are His problems to solve, you just are the vessel used. 🙂 Always praying for you sis!

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