New Home, New Challenges, New Joy

WELL WE MADE IT!!!!! We made it to Florida..

Actually we have been here since Tuesday around 5pm but have been SWAMPED with getting settled.


Well I must say I am quite impressed with the set up of our new home/area. St. Petersburg (St. Pete) is very odd. It  has a city feel, with a country vibe… However I like it. We spent the evening driving around figuring out where things were. To our surprise and liking the area is one big grid (like Manhattan) so we quickly made sense of things (even though we did get lost once or twice 🙂 ).

The food has been good so far. Since we had to eat out a bit we decided to try places we haven’t been and aren’t in the north. The seafood options are amazing which is to be expected being so close to water.


As we entered our new home we decided to rate each room and then the place overall so we would know how each other felt about our new living situation. Initially we gave the place a 3 (scale 1 (worst) – 5(best) ). That was great. We weren’t expecting a 5. We didn’t want to compare to any place we living before and so as long as it was a 3 or above we were happy… THEN as we began REALLY looking around and once all the boxes were in, the score quickly dropped to a 1. Let me explain…

The people who have lived here before were her for a long time, and well, apparently didn’t clean when they left. Also they had a cat (although there is a no pet policy). The complex has a housekeeper but didn’t have one for a very long time SO the place was a secret mess.

Thank God we have great a family from our old church who is vacationing down here, and the wife used to work in the cleaning business. She grabbed some of here old business partners cleaning machines and headed over to our place for a DEEP CLEAN!!!!

Needless to say we were pretty discouraged, and after the clean still have a few hurdles to jump over…

NEW JOY!!!!!

Despite all that has happened, I must say we are crazy excited about what is taking place in our lives. We met most of the staff at the new church I will be at (Starkey Road Baptist Church) and then had a tour of the place. AWESOME!!!!!!! I am very excited to be a part of this ministry during this season.

After all the stress of our housing situation (not everything has been described 😉 ), we really made great progress in making the place look like OUR home. Getting comfortable has added a boost of joy in our lives.


Overall I must say that I am overjoyed to be where I am. I have always said that the best place for a person to be is at the heart of God’s will. What I mean that is there is much comfort in knowing you are exactly where God wants you to be, regardless of the challenges you face. That is the feeling I have at this moment. Through all the laughs and frustrations, I completely understand this is where I need to be and look forward to EVERY experience.


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