On the Road, Pt. 2…

Day 1 of our journey left us excited to continue moving forward on the second leg of the trip…

However the 2nd leg of the trip didn’t really agree with us…

Plagued with a variety of things such as a restless night, long challenging family issues (actually should have been mentioned in Pt. 1) and then the fact that I have been feeling SICK ALL DAY hasn’t helped one bit…

So needless to say the 2nd leg came up a little short. We had to stop earlier today than we would have liked.

Another factor was the heat… Yesterday it was hot, but today it was HOT and HUMID which may have played a huge part in things

Nonetheless we had a good day… filled with great conversations, tough conversations, and fun ones too.

We are now somewhere at the tail end of SC.

I will try to regain my strength and try a late night journey. This way we can beat the heat. The plan is to finish up the journey and take care of a few important matters… SOOO Fun in the sun may have to wait just a bit…


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