On the road…

If you have been in the loop then you know that I am moving to Florida and will be living there over the next 9-10 months. I will be completing the final requirement of my Master’s program at Baptist Bible Seminary, which is an internship component.

This blog is simply to let you know that the road trip has begun. My wife and I spent the last week packing up our house, and loading our Toyota Corolla with 70% of things, then loading the rest in our Blazer. Now we are towing the corolla with the Blazer ALL THE WAY down to Florida.

However we had a very pleasant weekend with our friends (the McGinniss family) in their home-town out in New Jersey (and who knew that NJ was so nice 🙂 ). I also had the opportunity to preach at the church they served in for over 10 years.

We are currently in Stony Creek VA. We will be getting up early and making more ground toward our destination. Prayerfully we will reach around Tuesday, but that depends how much fun we have on the drive…

And yes we are having lots of FUN on the drive (I mean that too). We took out time and enjoyed the trip, the scenery, and each other. Florida will be a wonderful experience but remember life isn’t solely about the destination, it is also about the journey.

So we are making sure we enjoy the journey!!!.


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