Next chapter please…

You ever read a really good book and after finishing a chapter all you can think is “WOW I wonder what’s next”. Filled with excitement you anticipate the next chapter being better than the last…

Well that is just how life is right now for the Anderson’s (US 🙂 ).

The last two years in NEPA (North East Pennsylvania) have been an awesome adventure. Sure there has been challenges, and rough patches, but it is the tension and climax the helps moves along the overall plot.

Over this last week I have reflect on my time here and I truly count all things with great joy!!!

Now the next chapter awaits. As of 8am (or there about) Saturday July 14th, we will have left PA journeying to our temporary home in St. Petersburg FL. I have never lived in any other region than the Northeast. This is a very exciting time for our family. Also we are expecting our 1st child in January.

Although I am moving further away from family, friends, members of a church that I have come to know and love just like family, and sadness is my nature response when reflecting on them, I am filled with wonder/awe, and I’m eager to see what the next chapter in life will hold.

How accepting and excited are you over the changes and transitions that occur in your life? Embracing change allows you to learn lessons to come and master lessons previously learned!


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