What a week…

Have you ever had one of those days that you think back and say “WOW, what a day?”

Have you ever had 5 of those days in a row? HAHA It has been a crazy week, let me tell you (and I will 😉 ).

This is the last week before I move (my journey begins next Saturday), and I have been BUSY… Besides not feeling well, I’ve had to deal with pressure and stress from ALL area’s of my life…

Now here is the thing, I am really not complaining, nor frustrated by this. To be honest I am very weird. I appreciate when life gets like this. It reminds me that when things get out of control God is still in control.

How do you handle a tough week? How do you focus yourself and get back to a level place?

For me I need to restart my brain. I don’t want to avoid issues or responsibilities, I just need to kick-start it so I can think clearly. Then once things have been taking care of (at least mentally) I can shut down for a few…

So tonight I am working through a mental game-plan and will continue to do so until Sunday… Come Monday MY BRAIN WILL BE OFF!!!! I will finish packing my house as I approach my final week in PA and set myself on cruise control..


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