It’s not just about winning, It may also be about the color of your skin

Have you been keeping up with the soccer tournament in Europe? I haven’t! 🙂 I am not a huge soccer fan. My wife played in college and I never made it to a game (we weren’t together then so I don’t feel bad 🙂 ).

However I did hear something very interesting that made me check into Italy’s soccer player Mario Balotelli. Apparently racism isn’t just alive and well in America but all over the world (as if you needed to read my blog to figure that out).

The link below shows a cartoon that was drawn and printed by a newspaper depicting the soccer star as an Ape climbing Big Ben after Italy defeating England.

The article also has the statement put out by the paper once readers were unhappy with the cartoon.

It is truly a shame that the player has had to deal with boo’s and racial terms being chanted at the games.

Just when you thought the game was about winning, we are reminded that there may be a little more going on…


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