Challenges in Education…

For a class that I just finished up (Teaching and Learning Styles), we constantly discussed the learning process within our educational system. Here is a quote from an article I found and thought was very interesting… I just wonder.. What are your thoughts?

My younger brother who is about to be a junior on H.S, and it seem to be that he struggles with a very similar problem mentioned below. He feels that what he is learning in school has not real connection to the “real world” and therefore is unmotivated to work.

Schools are less than optimal for environments for acquiring many employment-related competencies and even for fostering adaptive learning of conventional academic subject. Among the weaknesses of school learning are its divorce from application and its atomization into discrete subjects. Students can learn to answer test questions correctly yet be stumped by the simplest real-world problems that require combing and applying knowledge

Hamilton, M., Hamilton, S. F., & Rhodes, J. E. (2002). Why mentoring in the workplace works. New Directions For Youth Development, 2002(93), 59-89.

I honestly believe there is a lot of truth to this statement. I am not against education or our system, but I am concerned with how effective it is in creating encouraging learning environments. A lot depends on how you define learning, teaching, and how what you deem the purpose of teaching/learning to be.

Just wanted to share, feel free to let me know your thoughts…


I'd love to read your thoughts

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