Family FUN!!!!

How many can remember great moments with your loved ones?

I mean times that you laughed so hard what you were drinking came out your nose? I’m talking about those priceless moments that  when you’re there you wish they never end.

Well this weekend had several of those moments.

My mother hosted a going away party for my wife and I (for those who don’t know we are moving to Florida for about a year). It was GREAT! I told my mother that I wanted a 1995 feel to things. What I meant was I wanted the type of party that we used to have back then. They weren’t fancy or elaborate. They were… us. We would sit outside the apart building. Multiple people would bring food (like a pot-luck), we would have certain classics, like deviled eggs, and KOOL-AID!!! MUSIC would be blasting music and the jokes would be flying.

My mother recreated that very feeling. People who haven’t been together in years connected just as if they had seen each other the day before. The food was great and the drama was even greater (in a good way 😉 ). Halfway through I remember looking around my neighborhood as I stood outside the building, I could hear the party, the laughs, the music, I could smell the food, and I thought to myself….

Lord, I am so blessed.

I must say it has been a while since I have had a good time with my family on that level, and it will be even longer before that feeling is forgotten.

Although we move in less than 20 days, and although we will miss our family and they will miss us, that party was spent on just enjoying each other while we could…

When is the last time you took a moment, looked around and realized how blessed you are? That the transitions in your life were only going to make things better (where you can see it or not).


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