Cleaning up the mess

My wife loves to purge our home. If we haven’t used it GET RID OF IT!!!! On the other hand I LOVE to keep things. I am a classic pack-rat. You never know when you are going to need something. However on thing we can agree on is when we watch the show “Buried Alive” which is about real-life hoarders, we both look at each other and think… We should CLEAN!!!!!

Now our house is nowhere near that bad. But it is something about watching other people’s mess that makes us want to clean up our own, maybe even search for mess that we didn’t know was there.

I feel this way as I connect with other people throughout life. Often times as I am in a position to assist people in the journey through life I find many time I struggle with some similar things. Or maybe I am talking to a person in which we don’t share the same issue. Nonetheless after I am done I reflect on where I am in life and how might I walk closer to God

I always feel like I need to do a little house keeping in order to keep myself from falling in the same trap that we all are capable of getting into. I am no better than anyone. In fact that is why I reflect so much over my life. Without the constant monitoring of things I would lose sight of my values and begin living and unfulfilled life. My biggest fear is turning back into the person who spoke a lot of powerful things but lived a life that did not reflect it.

Well let me tell you… I have a long way to go :). However everyday whether I naturally reflect on my life, or I get a glimpse of a foreign mess and it makes me want to clean my own, I am determined to live better than the day before.


Live in such a way that you are truly inspired and driven.



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