Agree and Disagree…

I worked through the first chapter of the book Sacred Marriage: What if God designed Marriage to make us Holy more than to make us Happy?

Let’s just say that the title of this blog is right around where I am at :). There are a lot of things that were said that I agree with.

The author (Gary Thomas) deal’s with the elasticity (or lack there of,) of Romantic Love. By this he means that;

Romantic love has no elasticity to it. It can never be stretched; it simply shatters… Many will break up their relationship and try to recreate the passionate romance with someone else. Other couples will descend into a sort of martial guerrilla warfare, a passive-aggressive power play as each partner blames the other for personal dissatisfaction or lack of excitement. Some couples decide to simply “get along”.

I can agree with these statements. All to often people think “romantic love” is enough. Once the relationship’s passion, or excitement seems to run out, people thing that the love is over. The truth is marriage is a 24 hour, 7 day a week commitment.

However the overall premise of the book I disagree with. Gary says

The ultimate purpose of this book is not to make you love your spouse more… It’s to equip you to love your God more and to help you reflect the character of His Son more precisely”

The idea that marriage was to make us Holy seems to not communicate the idea of marriage in Genesis 2. God creates Eve because Adam has no suitable mate (i.e. lonely). Adam had perfect relationship with God then, so he didn’t need to be holy, but rather he needed a companion.

Nonetheless I am going to continue to read because I think although I don’t agree with the premise I think some of the concepts are really helpful. I do think you marriage can lead you into a more intimate relationship with your spouse and God.

Remember that Marriage isn’t just about two people falling in love and living together, but rather two people experiencing a new life as one.


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