Currently on the docket…

This is just a heads up so just in case you see some post concerning books that I am reading you are left scratching your heads…

I am currently reading a few books including:

Liberating Black Theology by Anthony Bradley

This book confronts a personal matter. Growing up in a traditional black church and living out my faith in a predominantly white community as been culturally interesting.  However there have been some issues (including racism) that I have seen addressed from on cultural group and almost ignored by the other. This book helps connect a few things and bring some old teachings into the proper light. Ultimately I am on a journey to reconcile what I have learned from each culture while submitting to the authority of the Word of God.

Sacred Marriage: What if God designed Marriage to make us Holy more than to make us Happy by Gary Thomas

This book is really explained right in the title. I find myself reading this book and having others lined up concerning marriage so that I may become a better husband. I have made many poor decisions concerning my wife. I have not loved her with my whole heart as I should and by God’s grace and her awesome heart she remains just as sweet as ever toward me. Therefore it is my personal journey to be better for her every day.


I also have a list of about 25 books that I will be working through (usually two at a time). If you have any suggestions (always looking for a good read, especiallyas I try to engage more fictional books) please feel free to let me know…

Each day the pages of life turn, chapters end and begin… What is your story communicating about life?


I'd love to read your thoughts

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