Finding comfort in tough times…

Well I know it has been a while since I have written (SORRY)!!!!!

What I am going to briefly chat with you about today isn’t the happiest of topics! (What a way to return… SORRY!!!)

However it’s apart of life and one that must be dealt with…

At 11am today (4/28/12) I will be doing a memorial service for a person that died in a fire. That day a Father and Mother lost their daughter, a brother lost his sister, an uncle lost his niece, grandparents lost their granddaughter, and neighbors lost a friend. Death is apart of life yet it is a challenging part.

However this becomes slightly more heartbreaking as the person was a 4 month old child. Once again death may never seem friendly but when a child died’s everyone’s head drops.

I have been thinking over the last 2 weeks of what I am going to say. I have met with the family (grandparents) and spoken with the mom on the phone (unfortunately we weren’t able to meet). My brain has been stumped, and my heart has been aching on behave of this family.

The only thing I can think of mustering up to say is the truth….

The Truth is that this is a painful occasion.
The Truth is that the family will never forget this moment
(some may forget, but the family will never forget)

The Truth is that you can’t neglect this reality.
(Many people try to find ways to suppress it, make it seem as if it never happened…)

The Truth is she is gone, never to return.
(It’s ok to grieve, in fact  it is necessary)

The Truth is she is in a better place.
(People may often say that to try to bring comfort but this young child truly is in a better place… Heaven)

The Truth is that Heaven is where God resides and this child (withholding name on purpose) is now in HIS presence
(God loves this child with all his heart and is providing comfort for her now)

The Truth is your life is forever changed
(Now that  your life has changed, what are you doing that makes everyday count?)

The Truth is we underestimate life and its value all the time
(The saying life is short is misused all the time; because when people say that they don’t really change anything)

The Truth is this young lovely child as impacted our lives forever in such a short time
(With the life you have now,  how have you impacted others in a positive way?)

The Truth is you have the opportunity to see her again
(Since Heaven is now her new home, can you be sure that you will be there with her one day?)

The Truth is many people don’t know how to get to heaven
(We would like to say that we can do something on how on accord, and with our own power to be good and get heaven. The Truth is that only by trusting  in Jesus Christ  died for sinners (people who do/live the opposite of what God wants) on the cross, was buried, and rose from the dead so that all those who believe in Him can have a relationship with God.)

If you are not a Christian and want to accept Jesus into your heart here is a short prayer. It doesn’t have to be said word for word, it’s just to help you with the idea 🙂

Lord Jesus, I know that I have sinned against you.  I know that I am not perfect and that I cannot please you through my own efforts.  I know that I deserve to be judged according to my sins.  And, I know that I have nothing to offer you.

Lord Jesus, I ask you to forgive me of my sins.  Please cleanse me and make me right before you.  I trust in what you have done on the cross.  I do not rely on myself but only on you and I receive you as Lord of my life and as savior of my soul.  Lord Jesus, save me.  I look to you alone.

Today will be a challenging day in many ways… how will your life be changed?


One thought on “Finding comfort in tough times…

  1. kevin

    Isn’t it amazing how God works….. in your efforts to find words God opens your heart to the words. I believe you now no what you are going to say…God bless you

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