End of the month blues?

There is exactly 1 month before I am finished with the last full semester of academic work for my Master’s… and I am BEAT!!!!

I am just tired. In this last month I have family who will be having major surgery, and family in crisis. YIKES!!! Now if you know me I am pretty good at handling stress. I can drop my head a fight through… BUT I must say… today I am tired.

A crisis can be defined as any dramatic change in one’s life, especially as it changes our emotional state.  

The only comfort I have is knowing that God is completely in control. That means that whatever He is doing, although I may not fully know He is taking care of it, and giving me strength to remain faithful.

I am still tired. I am still dealing with family member who are in Crisis… maybe I am in a crisis… WELL either way I understand that God can provide comfort in my life…

Proverbs 3:25-26
3:25 You will not be afraid of sudden disaster,
or when destruction overtakes the wicked;
3:26 for the Lord will be the source of your confidence,


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