Family Time!

You ever feel like you are always doing something? I mean that you’re really BUSY! Life and all its demands, or even if you’re just accomplishing your various goals.

Well I am definitely feeling my days run together and busier than ever. SO with this weight of getting things done I had to spend time making sure I had the right priorities. This naturally is a tough thing to do. I say that because EVERYTHING is important right? Well that’s how I fell anyway. However I am learning that although things may be important they are not all equally urgent. SO I need to make sure that the top thing on my list is Always important and ALWAYS! urgent.

That is my family. There are many things that I do, and time can easily get away from me. However there is one person I need to invest in, if there is one relationship I need secure, that’s with my wife. In one aspect she is my best friend. I can share my fears and be vulnerable in front of her. On the other hand she is a helper in ways that extend beyond friendship.

Now I am not just trying to write about my wife which I can do anytime. BUT I am really highlighting making the choice of the most important thing (in reality it would be things and making sure I always invest in those).

My family is that most important thing. There are times in which a few things may come up and I need to withdraw from my family’s creditably bank BUT if I haven’t made any deposits that I will be impacting my account in a negative way. What I mean is that every time I reassure my family that I am willing to spend time and invest in her, then when I need to take a moment away she has the confidence that I am good for it.


So basically I am rethinking my priorities and once again Family takes the cake (Not that I assumed it would be any different). How about you? What would some of your top priorities be? Are you investing in them every day?





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