The NEW workout…

You ever find yourself wanting to do something BUT always putting it off? You make excuses time and time again but never really get around to doing whatever it is.

Well I’ve been there time and time again.

Seven years ago I was completely into “being healthy”. I saw a dietitian, formed and stuck to a strict diet, and was working out (a mixture of strength training and cardio) six days a week.

It was tough… and clearly it didn’t last.


NOW my wife has been working out for a little over two months. She is doing great! I am so proud of her. She is doing so well she ended up joining our local YMCA….. Her joining meant I joined  😦 … Not sure how that still worked out yet but it has.

However this is a NEW workout plan. People who don’t workout and make excuses to put it off usually lack motivation.

This time is different though. The goal isn’t to lose weight, or become stronger. Those are good goals by the way. For us we decided to make our goal to just be healthier.

This NEW workout isn’t just for my body but it’s so that I can become a healthier person all around as I make better choices.

The key here is making better choices. We make decisions because of a number of factors. When is the last time you found yourself making a series of better choices? The opportunity to grow involves making better choices than you have in the past. If you constantly live with goals that lack passion and motivation then it is hard to truly enjoy life.

So my NEW workout is more than just physical. Don’t get me wrong. Anytime I come from the gym, my body hurts and I’m tired. BUT I am doing my best in all areas of life to make better choices that will allow me to live and enjoy life.



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