Memoirs from the days past…

You know in the book of Jonah, we find that He was unwilling to go where God wanted Him to go because He knew God would spare the city of Nineveh. Jonah cared more about himself than he did the ship(or crew for that matter) that he was thrown from along with Nineveh.

Here is my point. Being obedient to God may take you places you never thought you would end up but they will be places you needed to be. If you can posses the love God has for all people, then you will impact those around you wherever you go. It is sad to see when people find that they rather tell God where they want to go, and complain about where they are in life.

I used to always say I can’t wait for whatever chapter was next in my life, and eagerly awaited to be done with the current chapter. I have learned that by saying that I was implying that God had nothing else to teach me (which further implies that I know best) and that I wanted to direct my path.

My goal is simple… To rest in the truth that God knows and does what is best for me. Therefore I go where He likes, and I do what He wills knowing that it is all for His glory….


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