True inspiration…

A while back we did a series on Love, Sex and Relationships and we discovered that Love is an action not just a feeling…

Since then I have been trying to put that into practice… BUT let me tell you  I fail often. I am not the best person at times. I don’t make the right decisions. I don’t make the best choices. In fact I have said things that communicate everything but I love you…

I am sorry. I need to apologize. It is not right/fair/acceptable that I have acted this way.

However everyday I am reminded of why I am to be a better man. I am given true inspiration. I am given a refreshing wind to carry me.

My wife as been more than I could ask for in so many ways…. Ruth Anderson

First of all she has been willing to bear with me, even in my ugliest moments. She understands that the source of her love comes from God and therefore she resembles His love and patience towards me.

Secondly, I can’t believe how she continues to connect with me. I mean she finds new ways to make me laugh, make me feel special and important. The most interesting thing about this is that she had to learn how to do it.

Naturally she (or any of us) aren’t really good at meeting people where their needs are especially as their needs change. That’s the beauty of Ruth. She understands that as I grow, she needs to as well and does. I mean it is amazing to see her mature in so many ways BUT maintain the very presence that I fall in love with everyday.

You know what… I’m blessed. If nothing else, having her in my life has changed the very way I impact people and live.

I thank God for her everyday. She is without a doubt my true inspiration.


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