Birthday Blues…

What’s the one thing most little kids look forward to? What’s the one time of year that most people get crazy about? THEIR BIRTHDAY! Most people regardless of religious beliefs or cultural background look forward to their birthday.

WELL NOT ME! In fact I usually dread this day! I was talking with my mother and even when I was little, this time of year has always been hard for me. I am usually sick for starters (Happened this year as well) Check out my post on Fighting more than just a cold.

So to be honest this year wasn’t any different. I had unnecessary anxiety about today.  BUT I must say that life is a journey in which we all must grow.

A must mention is my beauty Ruth! 

My wife has been a HUGE help. She loves doing above and beyond things for celebrations but understands that I do so much on the other 364 days of the year that one day it would be AWESOME if I laid back. She has made this day SO relaxing. But that’s her everyday. She makes everyday worth it. Being with her is as easy as breathing, and I will love her till my heart stops beating (Yes both twilight references LOL)

Then there are friends like the Weston’s 

They have been just amazing people to get to know. Over the last year/ year and a half, we have had to blessing to watch their family grow and our friendship blossom. They are like family. We love them, which includes their kids (not in the picture but we love them the same 🙂 ). You will be hard-pressed to find genuine people like these (even though they are from Massachusetts :P)

So with that said I am truly blessed. God knows exactly what He is doing and sent people into my life to make everyday special. I am thankful even for people like you… Yes you, the one reading this… It is people like you that continue to push me to the level that God has allowed me to reach. Thank you

So this year there are no birthday blues, unless we are dancing to them and shouting loudly!


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