Thankful or just Full?

This past thanksgiving was the 1st (that I can remember anyway) that I haven’t cooked a big meal or been apart of a big gathering. Typically I am in the kitchen for hours making a variety of my favorite food (Collard Greens, Mac and Cheese, Chicken, Ham, Yams, sweet potatoes pie… you get the point 🙂 ). Now talk about being thankful. There was great food, music blasting and when family and friends arrived it always seems to be a party with the healthy dose of drama.

At the end of it all we would walk away thankFUL(L). I add the extra L because we can say we are grateful for “life’s” blessings and I have no doubt that we meant it but more than that we were full. We had eaten enough for the month and still wanted more. In fact it was like this one day we gather to express something we typically didn’t share throughout the year.

This year was much different for me. Do to being sick and changing plans my wife and I decided to relax, and spend this time together, just us.  No big meal, no crowd of people, just the two of us and we were thankful. In fact I began to think through how I have been living my life as the year is coming to a close and wondered if this thankfulness could be seen any day of the week.

In the Bible Paul says multiple times that believers ought to rejoice always. In fact Christians are to be characterized by their joy rather than sorrow or despair. (Philippians 4:4; 1 Thessalonians 5:16 for example) Paul was able to tell believers to always rejoice because their hope was in God. Therefore he knew that in Him they would always be provided for.

How would you typically define your attitude? Are you always rejoicing/being thankful? I don’t mean running around with a huge smile on your face and hugging everyone in sight. I just mean is your attitude light enough that you are thankful for what God is doing no matter what? This isn’t easy. Being thankful or rejoicing isn’t just an action but a mixture of your attitude and outlook. One day should be the time we express “thanks” yet if people any other day of the year would classify us, thankful would not be a word they choose.

Learning to trust in the Hope that God has given YOU, will allow you to say thank you everyday of the year, making this one day just another moment in your life that your lips have celebrated publicly what your heart feels continually.

Rejoice always in the Lord, again I say Rejoice! (Phil 4:4)



5 thoughts on “Thankful or just Full?

    1. Thanks a lot. I’m glad you found this to be less exclusive as I am not trying to make anyone feel as if they cannot know God. If you ever have any questions or thoughts you are always welcome to ask/share.

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