Learning to Seek, Trust, Obey and Pray (A Study in Nehemiah)

From the Book of Nehemiah

It is quite common that throughout life we will struggle in a few areas

Direction, trusting, submission and communication.



Often times we find it cloud on this journey called life. At various times one can struggle with where they are headed… (Direction)

On this journey many people come and go, in fact ALOT of people. We get hurt over and over, and the question develops, Can we really trust people? (Trust)

Ok so we have some good advice. There is a plan that has a chance to work. Will I really give in? Can I really find myself putting my hands in someone else? I don’t want to listen, I want to just do because I KNOW WHAT’s RIGHT!…  (Obey)

Communication is critical in any relationship. In fact without any number of participants will fail. To understand what ahead one must talk to the one that has been there. (Pray)

You know I remember the first time I was getting my apartment in Binghamton, NY. I was a sophomore at Binghamton University and ready to move off campus. A friend and I decided to move off together and split the cost… Long story short, I found out after I had officially given up my housing on campus that my “friend” never was going to move and thought it was just a “cute” idea. NOW IM SCRAMBLING to find a place on my own. EVERYBODY and their mother was trying to give me “advice” on what to look for, how to go about it. Some of it sounded foolish, some of it was solid.

In the end I thought, I know what I want in a place. I lived in NYC for years, plus I’ve been to a bunch of friends homes that sucked… I got this… Needless to say my first place was miserable. It was an attic turned into an apartment over 1000 years ago… However it was cheap and I thanked God for it.

Like most people I figured I have life figured out for where I am, and no one can make a better decision about this than me… Well that’s not exactly true….

I had no clue where I would end up, or what was ahead. I also felt like I couldn’t trust a soul because during this time multiple people had tried taking advantage of me. However I have learned (Nehemiah teaches) that Seeking direction from God is key. We may think we know where we are headed but He knows for sure. Once we begin seeking God we have to Trust Him that He he leading us in the right direction. Afterwards one must Obey the plan that He has laid out before us. Submission it hard for most and therefore we learn “the hard way”. Throughout it all we must keep a constant prayer life. This is simple communication between Creator and creation, God and us so that we can continue to work through life with His guiding hand.

For more on the Book of Nehemiah, contact me!


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