A time to … Forget?

Well if you have been following me you may have realized that lately there hasn’t been too much to follow.

Some of that is due to my Graduate studies in Seminary… This year is going to be a DOOZIE! lol

However some of that is due to September being a very, challenging month. Yes all month has been rough. The beginning was sad, the middle has been scared, and nearing the end has been a letdown with expectations. Now anyone who lives life for any period of time can understand these feelings. In fact they are quite common and annoying yet we deal. However I realized this month that, dealing with things, is an option not a mandate. What I mean is that some people will deny their struggles; others will just make it through. Some however can always be willing to learn even in the midst of them.

I don’t know about you but I HATE being stressed. In fact if you know me, I rarely become stressed. Well this month has made up for the years of avoiding the use of that term. Nonetheless I found myself trying to understand the “takeaways” throughout it all.

With that said the biggest thing I learned is that God can/will provide comfort in any situation. Yes it is true. You can find yourself resting in His arms of Grace in which there is no greater peace and love to be found. However I believe we have the idea of comfort wrong. For instance when a friend comforts you, they make you feel better; some may say very nice words or do things for you. We absorb it all so we can feel better…

When God comforts us it is not so we can be comfortable, but so that we can share His grace and comfort with others.

:-O  WOW!

When I realized this my mind was blown…. Now this doesn’t mean that God doesn’t care for us, and doesn’t want us happy. But our understand of happy or comfort usually means we become content (in a unhealthy sense) and complacent. God allows us to experience His grace, and strength so we can help other experience the same.

So as much as I would LOVE to forget this month, all these hardships, forgetting them would mean forgetting the grace and comfort God allowed me to experience in Him. This then would mean I could never help others experience His grace and comfort. Not only will I remain hurt and bitter, but I will be enabling others to do the same….

SO moral of the story… if you are experiencing pain of any sort, seek and rest in the arms of God in which He provides grace and mercy… Then will you be able to experience who He truly is, and help other do the same.


(Resting in the arms of God simply refers to the process of seeking and trusting Him to provide. This is where you realize that God is bigger than what’s occurring and will guide you through it)

Thanks for reading!



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