In need of an escape!

IF you know me then you know that I am very transparent with my life…

Well these last two weeks have been STRESSFUL on all levels. My wife and I have gone through more family tragedies in the last two weeks then one would like to in a year. We are so uncomfortable, and  hurt it is unrealistic.

Have you ever felt like that? I’m sure you have or you know someone who has… I can’t be the only one who has been in a world of hurt. In fact things have gotten so bad there are time were we can look at each other and tears swell up in our eyes if we stare at each other to long.

When we were at the height of all this turmoil, when we were filled with pain, anger, confusion, uncertainty and a mix of other emotions I was reminded of a passage of scripture that I had read the day before. Psalms 43

This particular Psalm we find the author needing God’s help, and asking where is the Lord in his circumstances. THIS WAS ME! I felt like I was right there. In desperate need of God, and feeling like He was nowhere to be found. This I kept reading… As the Psalms continues the author asked to be led by the Truth of God so that he could worship Him. IN FACT the end of the Psalm the authors reminds all that his hope is in GOD!

WOW! I am sitting here identifying with this writer, and BAM! He tricks me (not really 🙂 ). Although burdened down by circumstances he understands that He needs to trust in God now more than ever. That it is in those moments that one needs His Truth and Light to guide us.

That is exactly where I am. In these times which to be honest seem the darkest, I need to rely on His light, and let Him guide me. I need to Trust in HIM like never before!

I hope that when you find yourself in such places that you to can look towards God, who will provide your way of escape.


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