It’s about the journey not just the destination

Over the last two weeks I have been absent from writing or making video’s. Now some would say that’s not out the ordinary for me, but this time I had a different reason than just laziness 🙂

Over the last 14 days I have been in 2 different states (3 total including another part of PA) and in 3 different locations. I have traveled to Chicago, the Poconos and Delaware. I have had a specific reason for being in each location.

However one of the most important lessons learn from this wonderful adventure is that “It is about the Journey not just the destination”!

I have said this in Sermons a number of times. I say it at home even more. ITS TRUE!

Each destination was incredible. I was blessed beyond measure and received way more than expected. However that was all made possible by the journey taken to get there.

It is hard to enjoy the theme park when you have a miserable ride in, you have to wait forever on a line, just to find out that the price went up at the gate. THEN the people you are with aren’t making things better and let’s add in the worst stomach pain EVER!

You know that sucks. BUT if you have had a wonderful ride with good people, or a discount along the way, you usually are even more excited than before to get on the rides.  In fact something could go wrong and it won’t affect you much because you have had a wonderful ride in…

Life is much like this. Now I know this doesn’t work for all but you get the idea… If you can learn to enjoy the ride/journey then it makes the destination much sweeter.

This is a challenge because often times many of us feel like we are on a journey that we rather not be. You know that in any circumstance you can learn something and grow. It is that growth that often times helps you get out of sticky situations or other types of ruts.

SO the point here is simply. Enjoy life. Look forward to the destination but be even more excited about the Journey you are on, because you never know where it will take you. 😉


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