Rain, Rain go away?

You know today my wife and I had BIG plans. We were excited to see friends in NY and even spend a little quality time together.

Then it rained 😦 . When I say rained I mean it came DOWN! So the trip to NY for an outdoor adventure was no longer an option. We even took a “Rain check” on our plans to drive go-carts.

Well this just won’t do! Unfortunately since we couldn’t be annoyed with the rain we found ourselves getting annoyed with each other.

You know that happens to alot of people. Something external effects you and because you’re frustrated you often take it out on the ones closest.

Here’s what we did… we stopped. After a while we realized that we were acting as if we were on opposite sides when in reality we are on the same team.

So instead of being angry at the rain, or each other we decided to enjoy it. We were silly and made new plans that would allow us to still fulfill our main purpose …. enjoying the day together.

So if you find yourself frustrated at your circumstances don’t forget your main goal and feel free to make adjustments to reach it.

Nothing deep here just real life and the importance of keeping the main thing, the main thing


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